The International Donor Day: when life is measured in drops

The International Donor Day is celebrated on June 14. Life may be measured in drops, and heroism – in liters.

There are 4500 personnel donors – people who have been donating their blood for many years in Kharkov region. The number of people wishing to help increased for the last year. When military officers are in need of blood transfusion, queues of people line up to the Blood Service Center.

The Blood Service Center has personnel donors. There are 4500 of them. The Blood Service Center calls these donors in urgent situations, when there is a large-scale demand in blood components, for example, when injured people from Maryinka were brought to the Kharkov Military Hospital. In this case blood banks were replenished very quickly. Volunteers also helped a lot.

Source: http://24tv.ua/ru/ukraina/vsemirnyj_den_donora_kogda_v_kapljah_izmerjajut_zhizn/n584461